Impressions of Life on a Bike

Over the past three and a half months traveling through BajaCalifornia, we have met a ton of other travelers. We've met folks on bikes, in cars, trucks, and on foot. We have met many other bikepackers also riding the Baja Divide route. Some of these bikepackers are singularly focused on riding the distance that they hardly stop to say hello. I understand that many of these travelers only have a few months to ride and then have to get back to their work. They must ride everyday from dusk till dawn hardly stopping it seems. This is not us, we are SLOW and take our time durring meals and shade breaks. Drawing, painting and reading breaks are key. Carrying a little paint goes a long way for entertainment. 


People ask us how far we ride in a day and it is hard to give an accurate answer because it varries so much. We've ridden as much as 120km(dirt) in a day and as little as 0km. REST DAYS!  We love our rest days and take one or two or three as we see fit. All this is to say, we have not spent every waking moment of this trip riding our bikes, and yet it still feels as though we do nothing other than ride, or push surly beasts. To be honest bikepacking, to me, feels 'all consuming'.  There is plenty of free time to engage in other activities, but more often than not we are spent and don't have the energy to do them. Mostly, our days are as follows : RIDE, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT.
It sounds corny, but if you've ever traveled by bike you'll know its the honest to God truth.
Durring the first part of our trip I was fully enjoying spending hours inside these notebooks drawing, and writing. 


We were reading a fair bit aswell till we broke both of the kindles. :(
For the past few months I've felt a real challenge to get anything on paper. Here are a few of the drawings from December and early January.


This last drawing was a colaboration between Paloma and I. I love how it came out.


Bikepacking can be monotonous but worth it. We have had the opportunity to camp and explore some truly remarkable areas, but this also comes at the price of spending a large amount of time away from our true passions. For Paloma and myself, this time of no rockclimbing, or dirtjumping or digging has been tough. Again difficult, but worth it, for it has given us even more desire to continue to persue our dreams. We are ready and excited to devote the time necessary to our respective sports.


Three and a half months of bikepacking down here in Baja California. We have ridden most of the Baja Divide, although we have also skipped and replaced certain sections with other roads
pavement and dirt alike. The divide route itself is extrememley challenging. I believe I underestimated how hard it would be when I suggested we undertake the challange.
Remember, this is Paloma's very first trip on a bike! To all those that rode the Baja Divide this winter, congratulations. To all that are planning to ride the divide, previous expierience is highly recommended (Not a beginner route).  For now we are planning our next step and devoting some time off the bikes to our passions. Traveling and meeting locals is amazing and I am sure we will continue to travel, but for now time spent in other ways is necessary.  We are grateful for all the time we spent in Baja California with great people, rugged
wilderness and backcountry. We are excited for the next chapter.


I should also mention, that in the past few weeks, I have found a little more energy to continue to draw, paint and sketch. Here's a recent piece.